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My name is Warren Schmidt. I am 30 years old and am a native of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In June, 2007, I joined the Congregation of St. Basil, a community of Roman Catholic priests and those in formation for the priesthood. Our Congregation currently has members in 5 countries (Canada, U.S., Mexico, France, and Colombia). It was founded at Annonay, France in 1822. I returned to Canada in June, 2008, after 6 months serving with the Basilians in Cali, Colombia, and entered the Novitiate in Windsor, Ontario on August 15, 2008. I made my first profession of vows as a Basilian on August 15, 2009, and will enter my third year of Theology at the University of St. Michael’s College in Toronto beginning this September.

Most of the articles and photos on this blog will be the same as those on my first blog at canadiancatholicblog.blogster.com, which I started in December, 2005. I will continue to post my new articles there as well as here, as well as copying old articles and photos from the old site and organizing them on this blog. This is constantly a work in progress as is our journey in faith with the Lord.

God bless and be with all of you!


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  1. Victor Ariza Figueroa at 12:18 pm #

    Firstly, I apolize with you for my email because of in it there is a subject so different to what you are used to receive in your blog. My name is Víctor Ariza Figueroa and I’m living in Cali, Colombia. I want to know if you can help me to make a contact with people or institutions for stablishing me permanently in Canada with my wife and my two children (my daugther who is almost four years old and my son, six months old). We don’t account with the financial resources to travel to Canada but we are urged to leave to our country for several reasons which I could explain you by means a long letter witten by my wife. I’m a public teacher and I teach English and Spanish and my actual situation in Colombia is risked because of I belong a public sindicate and the gouverment doesn’t agree with it. If you considere possible to answer my email and I can send you the long letter (in English), I will thank you very much.

  2. Richard at 9:46 am #

    Thank you for commenting on my blog, Le Fleur de Lys too.
    I have injoyed you blog and hop to make some more of your articles linked from mine.

    As you have written that you are now at an end of your novitiate let me pray that you will as the martyrs did win souls to Christ.


  3. Frank Williams at 8:31 pm #

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog A Canadian Catholic Perspective . Your trivia presentation is great!! Fun but not easy! As I read your blog I wanted to say thank you for not making a long story short. You take the time to spell out your views – which is rare in blogs today!

    A few weeks ago I met a fantastic author, 94 year old Jay Jagoe who wrote Light Reading for a Good and Wayward Catholics. He has just launched a new blog entitled The Joyful Catholic. The purpose of the Joyful Catholic Blog is to remind us each day to enjoy our faith and to invite others to the feast!

    Jay Jagoe, is a Maryland writer and a Catholic convert. His history includes having flown bombing missions in WWII; an insurance career in Washington, DC; founding Bonabond, an organization for aiding ex-convicts; serving as president of the Salvation Army; and he is the author of five books.

    I hope you can take a moment to visit his blog in the hopes that you will inform your readers about it. With your permission we would like to put a link to your blog on The Joyful Catholic.

    All the best for your continued success with A Canadian Catholic Perspective!

    All My Best

    Frank Williams

    • canadiancatholicblog at 10:11 pm #

      Dear Frank Williams,

      Thank you for your kind comment. It’s great that you enjoy my articles and my Catholic Trivia. This blog is a long-standing hobby and a (very) slow work in progress. It may slow down even more as I enter into my Master of Divinity this September. However, I do intend to keep writing… little bits at a time.

      I will check out the Joyful Catholic Blog and also add it to my blogroll. Thank you for that suggestion. Also feel free to add “A Canadian Catholic Perspective” to the links on the Joyful Catholic site.

      Many Blessings,
      Warren Schmidt

  4. Francis V. Delly at 5:00 pm #

    Dear Warren Schmidt,

    I enjoyed very much reading your blog recounting your days in Cali before you attended the Basilian Novitiate. I, too, attended the Basilian Novitiate many years ago in 1963-64–and with Frank Amico with whom I graduated high school. There were about 50 novices that year mostly from various Basilian high schools across the country. Fifty young people trying to do good for the Church, for others, and for themselves. One by one, many left the Order, including myself, so that in the end, many years later, only about five were actually ordained within the Congregation of St. Basil–and Frank was one of them. I respect Frank’s determination and courage. He always knew he had a vocation. I can’t speak for the others, but I know now that I did have a vocation, but years ago I did not. To some extent, I feel, at times, like a lost soul trying to find my way back to the right path. To have a vocation is a precious thing–and to have lost it is a very sorrowful thing indeed.

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  6. Armiger Jagoe at 6:15 am #

    I want you to know that I will recommend your splendid site to our readers.
    Armiger Jagoe, editor of The Joyful Catholic

  7. Twinkle at 4:46 am #

    Taken from the official website of the Lay Apostles of Jesus Christ the Returning King.These messages were given to Anne, a lay apostle, through a process known as interior locution. The messages are derived from the book VOLUME FOUR Part One: Jesus the King, Part Two: Heaven Speaks to Priests, Part Three: Jesus Speaks to Sinners – http://www.directionforourtimes.com/docs/DFOT%20Vol%204.pdf

    Part Two: Heaven Speaks to Priests

    January 26, 2004

    My brothers in the priesthood, I direct these words to you. When I call you My brother, I do so with all love and understanding. A brother is one who has had the same general preparation for life, and as such, views life with similar vision. I am that way to you. I am your brother. You are My brother. You must view your life through eyes that see as your Savior sees. To clarify, view everything through My eyes. I am Jesus Christ. You are My divine servants. You have been given a share of My divinity through your vocation. In this way, it is not you who leads sheep back to the fold, but Me who leads through you. If you are open to Me, if you are accepting My graces, this is working. You see others respond to you and you see others led to holiness and peace. If you are not open to My graces, and My graces are not flowing through you, you see others left without divine sustenance. You have been chosen. Do not think that you have landed in your priestly vocation through a set of accidental events. This is not the case. It is not you who chose Me, My dearest son, but I who chose you. I chose you because My Father in heaven created you to serve. You have been given gifts that I require for the coming of My Kingdom. I will bring your gifts to fruition. If you do not feel as though your gifts are good enough, or being used to the greatest advantage, it is because you are not allowing Me to infuse them with My divine Spirit. My dear brother, you must understand that My will for you incorporates all that is necessary for your priesthood to rise to the level that I intend for you. Perhaps you are struggling. Perhaps you do not feel the divine flowing through you. Please, begin anew, to walk your vocation with Me. I intend to renew you. I require your commitment to Me and to the Kingdom. In order to accomplish what I need to accomplish through you, I need you to become smaller. Ask Me with decision now to accomplish only My will through you by putting aside your own goals. My mother will help you in discerning the heavenly path. It is time to serve only heaven now, My dear brother. I will guide you and direct you in a way that will delight you if you will allow Me. If you do not spend any time considering the wonder of your vocation and the wonder of the divine in your life, it is a good sign that you need renewal. I am here. I will renew you.

    January 27, 2004

    Dear sons of heaven, I call out to you now. My compassionate heart sees all that has transpired in this world and I have willed that the time of suffering and persecution for the sons of heaven is passing. You, dear ones, are the sons of heaven. You have a divine duty to maintain My holy priesthood in this world. I am no longer walking your earth in the physical sense. I do not need to, because I have you to do that for Me. You bring Me to souls, just as if I were physically present, as I was physically present to so many during My lifetime. Imagine, being called upon to be the Savior of humanity. That was My call. What is your call? Your call is to bring the Savior of humanity directly to that humanity every day. You are called upon to make the sacraments available. Dear sons of the Father, souls must repent and confess their sins. This is as I have willed. To do that, they must have priests available to administer this sacrament. Are you available to do that for God’s children? If not, you must consider whether or not I am asking you to do so. The administration of the sacraments is part of your calling. Many of My sons have gone away from this priority in their lives, seeing it more as an annoyance. My sons, it is not just to serve souls that I call upon you to do these things. I also minister to you and deepen your vocation with the richest of graces during your service to souls. It is through your service to souls that you will find your salvation. Do not treat this area of your priesthood as superfluous. You must study Me and the methods I used when I walked your paths of ministry. I was always kind. I was patient. I was humble. Remember and recall that I am God. Still, I did not wield My authority as a weapon to control others. I administered My authority to others in telling the truth. I had courage, My sons. Remember and recall also that I was to be put to death for speaking the truth. Did this threat seal My lips? You know that it did not. I spoke the truth always. I feared neither the wrath of mankind nor the wrath of the enemy. Man cannot touch your soul without your permission. You would do well to remind yourself of this when you are called upon to speak a truth that will alienate others. You walk the earth during a time of challenges. Thank God for this. I intend to assist you now in every way that you can imagine. You are not alone. I walk with you and wish to live your vocation. I can only do so with your permission and cooperation. Come back to My Sacred Heart, My dear chosen son. I have extraordinary consolations waiting for you. I want you to serve with joy and joy is possible for you in every area of your service to heaven. But you must be united to Me in order for Me to transmit this joy. I intend to infuse your soul with all wisdom and love. I wish to illuminate the truth for you so that you feel no doubt or confusion. Come to Me. Be with Me. Let Me serve you so that you may serve others.

    January 28, 2004

    My brothers in service to the Father, I have such compassion for you that it swells My heart. How I understand your discouragements and fears. You toil often without the benefit of seeing the fruit of your labor. This can be difficult, but I use this absence of immediate satisfaction to increase your trust and to strengthen your faith. If you are viewing your priesthood from My eyes, you will become accustomed to seeing the vast view. Your every priestly act impacts eternity because your every priestly act impacts souls in one way or another. Do you scoff at the importance of each act? Perhaps your humility recoils at such a thought. It is not to make you self important that I tell you this. I tell you this, My brother, to make you aware of how crucial is your service to the coming of the Kingdom. You speak with My authority. Please be aware of this. One of the difficulties of this time for you, the sons of heaven, is that many of you have inadvertently absorbed the worldly view that you have little impact on world events and souls. This is an error. This is false. This is worldly thinking and not heavenly thinking. Think like Me, dear sons, and understand that if God is working through you, you have tremendous impact on the outcome of each life that comes in contact with your vocation. I do not want you to feel an overwhelming responsibility, but I want you to feel a responsibility. You know that I am truth. I speak only what is so and never speak falsely or with the intention of manipulation. I speak to you these truths so that you can view your vocation with the appropriate solemnity. My sons, you are heaven’s treasures. I am consoled by you more than your humanity can imagine. If you understood how much consolation I took from your vocation, you might indeed feel overwhelmed with responsibility so I shield you from such a burden. I do not, however, shield you from the reality of your role in the coming of My Kingdom. Be alert during this time as I am returning. I will be working decisively through you if you allow Me. I require your cooperation for God’s glory. Spend time in silence with Me, the Divine Priest.

    January 29, 2004

    My brothers in service to the Father often forget that they have all of heaven to support them. You must call on this divine assistance throughout your day. In the past, priests were advised to use the heavenly counsel of their predecessors. Spend time with the warriors of God who have gone before you. They will inspire you with guidance in every imaginable situation. You are not the first one to have experienced difficulties with your vocation. I say this now with all understanding and kindness. If you have been asked to do a job you do not like, you must accept that it is I who is asking you to complete this task. I have many reasons for placing you where I have placed you and your soul and your priesthood have valuable lessons to learn. I will always see to your spiritual advancement if you see to My work in whatever capacity you are being used to serve the Kingdom. My dear soul, united to Me in the field of service to God, it is to reassure you that I come in this way. I want you to avail of all love, all guidance, and all assistance that has been put in place for your benefit and to benefit others through you. Come to heaven with every difficulty. Often My brothers forget that it is exactly what they give to others that they forget to nourish in themselves. This is the gift of faith. You must spend time alone with Me so that We can be certain that this gift is being used to its fullest advantage in your soul. I wish to do this for you, My beloved servant. If all is well with your vocation, you feel a quietness, a steadiness in service that sustains you during challenges to your faith, during restlessness, and during the inevitable frustration that is felt with any vocation. If all is not well with your vocation, you feel constrained, you are unsure, you are having difficulty transmitting faith to others because you are not certain yourself of the truths of our church. My dear follower, if this describes you, We have work to do. Do not be afraid or think you are unsuited to follow in the footsteps of the Divine Priest. You must view these feelings as a symptom of the contagion that has spread through the world. You are living in a time that is infected by darkness. It is no surprise that some of you will also be infected. I am calm about this but I seek to remedy your spiritual illness now. You must turn it over to Me. You must be humble while I minister to you and replace your weakness with spiritual strength. Look toward heaven. I am here. I am the light that you must walk toward. Now, at this time, do not look away. Keep your eyes focused on Me and begin your ascent. You will be given such assistance that you will clearly understand that your Savior is working and the origin of your healing is divine. My dearest, My dearest, you belong to Me. I am your God. The world is not your God. Do not worry that the darkness has pulled at you. Now I pull you back to Me. There is nothing in our way, My son, except your attachment to the world. Give it to Me. The world does not seek to love you for eternity. Only I seek such a goal. I seek your well-being. Long before I use you to serve others, I must serve you. You must allow your Jesus to minister to you now so that I can replace the beauty of your calling within you. Only then can you serve others in the manner necessary to bring about the return of the First Priest.

    January 30, 2004 Jesus

    I ask My brothers to renew their confidence in Me as their guide. I am your goal, always, dear souls in service. Your first priority is your unity to Me. Your relationship with Me is what should direct your vocation. In other words, if you are united to Me, you will not be questioning your actions. You will spend little time with questions about your faith, about your Church, and about how you are to respond to matters of faith in challenging situations. The reason is that all of this work is done during our prayer time, when you not only pray and praise the Godhead, but contemplate the Godhead. It is during this time that I place the answers within you and you then have ready access to the truths in your activities of service. You see, My dear brother, that many of your comrades have questions. There is a great deal of discussion about matters that require no discussion. I have given the answers through My Vicar, your Holy Father, to whom you have pledged obedience. You must stop all of the talk. It is not for you to decide these matters. It is for you to obey in these matters and set an example of joyful obedience. May I stress the word joyful here, dear one? I have given you joy in service. When you do not feel that joy, you must come back to Me, again, in prayer. We have discussed that. Your vocation should not feel like a punitive state. It should feel like the joyful liberating state that it is. You will not feel like that every day, and you should not expect to feel like that every day, because at the end of it all, love is sacrifice and your love for Me has demanded a sacrifice. Please do not think that your Jesus does not acknowledge that fact. What I want you to spend time with, though, is My love for you. My love for you has liberated you from the world long before most other souls. My love for you has brought you to a level of service in the Kingdom that ensures your eternal status. But you must serve. You will spend eternity basking in My gratitude and enjoying the Father’s acknowledgement of your service on earth. I love you, My dear brother. I am filled with gratitude that you stand alongside Me and take direction from Me. Allow Me to love you. Allow Me to set your soul free from the worldly shackles that make your vocation seem like a heavy thing. I will set you free but you must pray. Make a commitment to prayer time and do not allow anything but duty to interfere. You cannot give what you do not have, and if you do not want, what you are called upon to give, your vocation will not bear fruit. I am looking into your soul at this moment. I see all. I know exactly what must be done to bring you to the fullest potential. Ask Me to do that for you. Invite Me to do that for you. And then, allow Me to do that for you. Souls are suffering all around you. You must bring Me to them. You will soon become translucent in that the brightness of My love will shine right through you and others will be warmed and strengthened, converted and confirmed by their contact with you. Do you think this is not possible? If so, then that is another sign that you must spend more time with Me. When you spend time with Me, you forget about your limitations and contemplate My infinite power. It is in this way that My infinite power can begin to flow through you, which is as it should be and as it is intended to be. Come now. You have made the commitment to serve the Kingdom. Make another commitment today to love Me. You then allow Me to love you, which gives you an overflow of love to share. This is what I need from you.

    January 31, 2004

    I come back to your world in triumph, dear brothers. I come back to your world as King. What will be the reward for My faithful servants? Think for a moment in earthly terms. Consider that a king travels away from his kingdom, and during his absence many servants become unfaithful. They flaunt their disobedience and generally make a mockery of the perfect order the king had designed for the harmony of his kingdom. This results in great pain and disorder and threatens the unity of the kingdom. Because of the disarray, the kingdom is no longer fit to defend against its enemies, who gradually, and with great glee, take over the kingdom and impose their own order, which is against everything this wise and benevolent king had worked to create for his subjects. Now imagine that this enemy was neither strong, nor wise. The enemy was disorganized and had small numbers in comparison. The advantage that the enemy utilized was that most of the king’s subjects had become lazy and groggy during the absence of their king. So it was with relative ease that the enemy infiltrated and overcame. But not all of the good king’s subjects were asleep. There were many who remained alert, and appalled by the disorder, sought to warn their fellow subjects. These faithful ones warned that the king would return and because he was a just king, he would punish the weak ones who made decisions against the kingdom. Some listened, some did not. Either way, the faithful ones persevered and refused to be drawn into the dark celebrations of the infiltrators. They were often ridiculed for their adherence to the laws of the good king. They found that often they suffered in other ways. Many lost material advantages, some lost family relationships because of their faith, and some dear subjects gave their lives in defense of the king. Now, imagine that this good king has been consistently apprised of this state of affairs. When his journey is complete, he hastens to return to his people. Imagine his feelings upon consideration that this beautiful and harmonious kingdom he created for his people has been turned into a lawless and ugly place where his faithful servants are persecuted. I am that King. The only difference is that I have infinite power, infinite wisdom, and I read each soul with a glance. I am returning. My dear fellow priests, you are those loyal and faithful subjects who maintained the faith for Me during the time of the Great Disobedience. Try to imagine for a moment how I will repay your faithfulness. You decided for Me in a time when few do. You remain in My service when many have drifted off to join the din of the enemy’s celebrations. You, despite the constant lure of the world, persevere to serve those loyal souls who also persevere. My heart aches with love for every soul created by My Father. This is a great truth. But I will have a divine gratitude for those who have served Me during this time of darkness. You are many, but in relation to the world, you are few. You are chosen and I will use you. I use you now. I begin to reveal your role in the process of My return. Be open to this personal directing and understand that no human living on earth can even imagine the reward I will levy upon those servants who defended the King in His absence.

    February 2, 2004

    I speak with great love to My brothers in the service of the Kingdom. Dear brothers, it is you who must prepare the harvest. I return to sort the wheat from the chaff. You will help Me in so many ways. I want souls to come back to My heart now. Many souls do not feel My presence in the world because so few house the Spirit during this time. But you house My Spirit. And they will see Me in you and through your vocations and service to Me. Because, despite all of the interest in material possessions and power, the small core of the human that is the soul, longs for Me. There is nothing that can fill that divine place but the Divine Master. And if a soul does not have the Divine Master, they feel a lonely emptiness. They search. Many search during this time and use all manner of foolishness in their attempt to fill this bitter emptiness. There is no shortage of souls who are willing to mislead My poor wandering children. But there is a shortage of souls who are willing to lead these children back to Me. I call out for more laborers. I ask that souls look at their world and then look up to heaven. Am I calling to you? Do you hear My voice in your heart, asking you to lead souls back to the light? You must listen for My voice. If you do not listen, dear child, you will never hear. Listen in silence. Ask Me to speak to you. You must ask Me to speak louder if you do not hear My voice. I will do this for you. If I am calling to you, and you are listening for My voice, all will be well. You will answer My call and I will send souls willing to assist you in finding your vocation. Young men of this troubled world, search your soul. You will find Me there and perhaps you have been created to lead in this time of transition. You need fear nothing because your Jesus will see to all. I am your beginning and your end. I am the One who seeks your eternal joy. You have been placed in this time to serve. During this time, when so many fail the Kingdom, your service is critical. You can make a decision for Me this day and you will bring many souls back to My wounded heart. You will never regret turning to Me, dear son of the Father. This is not even possible. You will only rejoice that you served. Feel My Spirit as I whisper My divine guidance into your soul. The heavenly breath of the Spirit brings peace and calm and a deep wisdom that rests in quietness. You will have all that you need. Come to Me now and I will prepare you to serve.

    February 3, 2004
    God the Father

    My sons, My favor rests upon you. I plan for the return of My Son much as a general plots a campaign in that I gaze upon you and count you as one of My assets. You are an asset to the Kingdom of your Father. I intend to make the most possible use of your commitment to Me if you will allow Me. For Me to do that, I must have your unqualified yes to Me. Will you give that to your Father? I created you to serve the Kingdom during this time because I knew that your gifts would be necessary. I am going to expand your gifts by infusing them with the divine. It is I who works through you and ministers to souls. Only in this way can there be an explosion of the Holy Spirit, which is what is necessary in your world. You are preparing, but in a special way. There are those of you who might say that you have always been preparing and awaiting the return of the King. This is true, and indeed, souls have been called upon to do this for many centuries. But I tell you today that your generation will see great and terrible changes. So while I have asked My children to prepare their hearts for the coming of the King for many years, I ask you now to prepare both your hearts and the hearts of others, and also the world, for the return of the King. This is different because we are ushering in a New Time. This time will be a joyful and obedient time during which all mankind will know that I am the Creator. All mankind will know of My love for the created creature who is man. I will be justified by the rule of My Son in the world. My creatures who wish to live in harmony with Me in the world will be safe and their children will worship the one true God with confidence and peace. You are experiencing mercy at this time but this time is destined to end, like all times. The coming time will include justice and reckoning. My sons who serve in the pastures of the earthly kingdom, you must prepare souls. I have a role for you to play. It is divine and has its origin in heaven. Do not refuse Me your service when I rely so heavily on your vocation. You are Mine and all that I own will be yours. Never doubt your reward. Serve Me now in obedience and you will open a flow of the Spirit that will engulf all those around you. You must listen to My words and you must trust that they are truth. I will confirm these words in your life and you will know that I am God.

    February 4, 2004
    God the Father

    My son, raise your eyes to Me. Let My gaze rest upon you. Do you feel the love I have for you? Do you feel My tenderness? Rest in that tenderness for a time so that I can fill you with My choicest graces. I have everything you need. You look upon your vocation and you see flaws and mistakes. I look upon your vocation and I see a servant whom I can use to minister to My poor, poor children. Can you imagine the gratitude of a Father toward a child who denies himself to save a sibling in trouble? Can you even imagine that My son? I have that for you. That gratitude will be lavished upon you on your arrival here, but first, you must persevere for a bit longer. Do you sometimes wonder about the value of your vocation? In earthly terms, we can put no price on it. It is what is called priceless, which means that the value is so inestimable and great that no value can be assigned. Your vocation has an eternal value to My kingdom and to our family. Your vocation is destined to change lives and to bring souls to eternity in the light, souls that otherwise would not choose the light. When you view the light, the heavenly landscape, you will understand why no value could be placed on your vocation. I love each one of My children more than the human mind can grasp. It is My will that each return to Me, to spend eternity within this family of goodness. Many are choosing darkness, My son, and that is why these words and the accompanying graces are being sent to earth. All that has occurred in your life up until this moment has prepared you. I have allowed each event so that when this time came, you would be ready. You are ready. You are prepared. You are in the place where I have put you. Look up to heaven, My dear son, and feel My love flowing down upon you. Your Savior resides within you. This Divine Priest will direct your steps. Allow Him to do that. Be like the smallest child and place your hand inside Mine now and I will lead you along the path of My service. You must practice faith, keeping nothing for yourself. All day long tell Jesus that you want Him to use you. Say this to Him: “Jesus, how do you want to use me on this day? You have a willing servant in me, Jesus. Allow Me to work for the Kingdom.” My dear son, you are the heir to a great fortune. Do not reject your inheritance for a world that does not recognise your worth. Serve your Father in humility and you will experience the true joy that is your vocation.

    February 5, 2004
    God the Father

    My sons, you are true men of heaven and all of heaven understands your struggle and supports you through intercessory powers. If you are having a difficult time, you must take advantage of this kinship and appeal to those who have gone before you. My family is very large, but My family works much like the best Christian family on earth in that we all assist each other. We have the divine vision in heaven so those souls joined with Me here can see your mission and they understand what is necessary for the most successful outcome of your work. My dear servants, it is for this reason that they are the better judges of what will help you than the wisest earthly counsel. Utilize this system of brother helping brother and sister helping sister. “How do we do that, God?” you ask. I will tell you. You must first of all understand that your struggles have been vanquished by others before you. There is nothing new in that sense. The sons and daughters of the light have always had to battle the powers of darkness who do not like to see true servants completing their duties. That is not new. You live in a remarkable time in that Jesus is returning and the process has begun. You have been called upon to help usher in that New Time. This is different but your duties are the same duties that your brothers and sisters have had to accomplish before you. So you experience complete understanding from heaven. Learn about the struggles of these triumphant souls. Study their lives and see how they dealt with temptation and evil. Most of what you will learn is quite simple in that these souls rose every day and did their duty according to their vocations. This is what you must do. But it is very consoling for those of you still in exile to see that your struggles have been seen before and that My sustaining hand steadied others when they were fearful or uncertain. I am with you. I send all manner of heavenly assistance. You must not think that your vocation can survive by your own power. Your vocation will not thrive unless you understand that it is I who fuels your soul and I who touches others. You are the instrument whom I use to serve others but the grace originates with Me in heaven. There are many who have difficulty because this Age of Disobedience fosters great human arrogance. Search your soul and root this out. Humility will open your soul, dear son. Humility is the understanding that without Me you are earthbound in your thinking, like those souls who have rejected Me. Do you want that? Can you commit to a life where you do not have Me to sustain and direct you? If the answer is No, and of course it must be, then you must come fully over to the other side and understand that I am God, and you are My servant.

    February 6, 2004
    God the Father

    Sons of heaven, listen to My voice. You hear with your ears, now you must listen with your hearts. All that is noble about mankind is possible for you, but not without unity to My Son. Unite yourself to the Divine Priest and all will become easy for you. Through this unity you will develop into the highest possible version of a heavenly servant who remains on earth. You must want this and you must work for this, but you cannot grasp it in the way of most earthly acquisitions. To grasp this possession of holiness, you must relinquish your grasp on the world. You must give your attachments to the world to Me. Lay them at My feet, dear son, destined to be held against Me in love. Lay these attachments at My feet and I will eradicate their hold on you. This may be difficult at first but soon it will become a habit and you will have escaped this snare. Do not be discouraged if you find you must lay these attachments at My feet every morning. So be it. Do I tire of helping you? Of course I do not. I created you and you responded to My dominion over you by accepting the gift of your vocation. Now I want you to accept the gift of your mission. We must strengthen you in every spiritual way. Again, the way to become strong in this service is to become weak and allow My strength, and the strength of all of My Kingdom, to flow through you. I anticipate your mistakes and forgive them. I anticipate your successes and celebrate them. I prepare your reward. Serve, My son. Serve.

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  9. Samantha at 5:42 am #


    I am writing on behalf of Mr. Daniel Friedmann. As a Catholic blogger, I am sure you have readers who wrestle with the apparent conflicts between the words of The Bible and the findings of science (typically portrayed as creation versus evolution). If so, you will be interested in Mr. Friedmann’s new book: The Genesis One Code. This ground-breaking book helps reconcile the timelines of Biblical history and the timelines of scientific history – discovering that religion and science are indeed compatible.

    Attached is a press release. Mr. Friedmann is available for interviews, and he can send a PDF of his book. Simply reply to this email to request a PDF copy, and an interview if desired.

    We hope we will have the chance to work together on this.

    Samantha for Daniel Friedmann

  10. Jessica at 10:01 am #

    I wanted to bring to your attention an upcoming documentary titled Our Lady. The film chronicles the life and significance of the Blessed Virgin Mary, her apparitions and appearances on earth, and her role in the modern world. Our Lady will have its world broadcast premiere on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 10 PM ET / 7 PM PT on VisionTV (Check local listings).

    Please feel free to share the film trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJjxjJWjWQY

  11. Stella Wagner at 5:54 pm #

    Thank you for the beautifully written blog entry on Saint Laura Montoya. She was my great grandmother’s first cousin. My mother, aunt and I were privileged to attend her canonization in Rome. She is a grace to our family and the world. Stella Wagner

  12. Carol Fitzpatrick at 11:22 am #

    Perhaps you can help me? I work at St. Marguerite d’Youville church in Lawrenceville, GA and as we celebrated the Feast of our Patroness today, our pastor wondered if we could get “the Mass” (readings & prayers) for this feast, which is not celebrated on the calendar here in the US. Is there a link to this information or can you email something to us? Thank you for your assistance, and God Bless!

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